Is Bill O’Brien Leaving Penn State?

January 3, 2013

PSU Football

Is Bill O'Brien running away from Happy Valley?

Is Bill O’Brien running away from Happy Valley?

Twitter is abuzz with rumors that Bill O’Brien is leaving embattled Penn State after one (highly successful) season to return to the NFL.

Near as we can tell, it is only based on this story, citing Jason La Canfora:

CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora last night on the Bull & Fox talk show in Cleveland predicted Bill O’Brien is likely gone, either to the Eagles or the Browns with Chip Kelly probably getting the other job, whichever it is.

La Canfora also believes O’Brien would like to get his situation resolved one way or another by the end of the weekend.

It’s a pretty thin story for a major freakout just yet, but Twitter is on overdrive.

O’Brien’s departure could hasten the bottoming out of Penn State football, with three more years of a bowl ban, scholarship restrictions and the surprisingly solid recruiting class not yet signed.

We can’t say we really blame O’Brien. 2012 was more than likely the high-water mark for him for the foreseeable future at Penn State. His value as a coach likely will never be higher.

Unless he’s in it for the long haul in State College – um, meh – why not take the millions in Cleveland or Philly?

The latter presents an interesting mess for Eagles/Nittany Lions fans. How would they feel about O’Brien leaving Happy Valley for the Linc? (The Steelers/Nittany Lions fans would be beside themselves, of course.)

Competing emotions there, no?

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