Big Ten Poll Watch: Week 7

No. 2 Michigan is going to party like it's 1989.

No. 2 Michigan is going to party like it’s 1989.

The big question for this week’s poll was: “How far will Indiana fall?” We guessed No. 7 or 8. We were wrong.

The secondary question was: “Will Michigan get any of Indiana’s No. 1 votes?” We guessed four. We were wrong. Speaking of Michigan’s No. 1 votes, all three voters who picked the Wolverines also voted Indiana No. 1 last week – which stands to reason.

With that, here’s a look at how the ink-stained wretches voted for Big Ten teams this week:

Michigan (No. 2)

  • Best: No. 1 (Cormac Gordon, Fletcher Mackel, John Feinstein)
  • Worst: No. 6 (C.L. Brown)
  • Most common: No. 2 (49 times)
  • Full report here.

Indiana (No. 6)

  • Best: No. 2 (Jason Franchuk)
  • Worst: No. 10 (Kevin Dunleavy)
  • Most common: No. 5 (19 times)
  • Full report here.

Ohio State (No. 7)

  • Best: No. 3 (Kevin Dunleavy)
  • Worst: No. 11 (Cormac Gordon)
  • Most common: No. 7 (18 times)
  • Full report here.

Illinois (No. 10)

  • Best: No. 5 (Mark Berman)
  • Worst: No. 14 (Geoff Grammer)
  • Most common: No. 10 (22 times)
  • Full report here.

Minnesota (No. 13)

  • Best: Dick Weiss (No. 10)
  • Worst: Dave Borges (No. 24)
  • Most common: No. 13 (13 times)
  • Full report here.

Michigan State (No. 20)

  • Best: Scott Wolf (No. 12)
  • Worst: Unranked (Bob Holt, Bret Strelow, Chuck Carlton, Ed Graney, Hugh Kellenberg, Jason Smith, Kevin McNamara, Marcus Jackson, Matt Vautour)
  • Most common: Unranked (nine times)
  • Full report here.

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