A Fourth Big Ten Realignment Proposal

December 14, 2012


Wisconsin and Michigan State would be in different divisions under the DBT Red-Not Red alignment proposal.

Wisconsin and Michigan State would be in different divisions under the DBT Red-Not Red alignment proposal.

The Big Ten Network is asking readers to weigh in on how the Big Ten’s division’s should be aligned with the addition of Maryland and Rutgers.

While this doesn’t take into account other new teams, they are proposing three options, as summed by ESPN:

1. Current plus one: The current Leaders and Legends teams would remain, with Rutgers and Maryland each joining one:

2. East-West: 

  • East: Rutgers, Maryland, Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana
  • West: Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Northwestern, Purdue

3. Inner-Outer: One division would include teams in the center of the Big Ten and another division would include teams on the outside (click the BTN link for a visual).

  • Inner: Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue, Indiana
  • Outer: Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Penn State, Rutgers, Maryland

We prefer East-West among those three, but we would like to propose one more perhaps not-so-obvious choice:

4. Red-Not Red: One division would be made up of teams with red as a primary color. The other? Not red:

  • Red: Indiana, Ohio State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Rutgers, Maryland, Minnesota (close enough)
  • Not Red: Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue, Iowa, Penn State

So … it’s poll time:


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