Bret Bielema’s Arkansas Pen Pal

December 10, 2012

UW Football

Bret Bielema with his pen pal at the University of Arkansas.

Bret Bielema with his pen pal at the University of Arkansas.

In September, then-Wisconsin coach sent the following handwritten note to Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long, the man who eventually hired him away from the Badgers (via Arkansas News):


Just wanted to say that this note is long past due. As I watched your press conference this past spring I wanted to reach out and say how much I respected your actions but more importantly your words. As a head coach I know that my comments are looked at in every way possible. Here at UW I have a great AD because he is a man of his word and asks the same for all of us. Best wishes moving forward and stay strong. It was the right call!

Best wishes,


P.S. One thing I have learned through my time here at UW is that today’s society wants to win them all, but as Coaches and Administrators we need to balance the Big Picture for all our student athletes!

Well, then.

Very curious. And obsequious.

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