Big Ten? Big Underdogs

The mighty Big Ten is a mighty underdog this bowl season.

The mighty Big Ten is a mighty underdog this bowl season.

The Big Ten – in all its football excellence – is a cumulative 55-point underdog for its seven bowl games this holiday season.

Better yet, not one Big Ten school is favored in any of the bowls. See:

Bowl Big Ten Opponent Line
Meineke Minnesota Texas Tech TT -13
Buffalo Wild Wings Michigan St TCU TCU -2.5
Heart of Dallas Purdue OK St OK St -17
Gator Northwestern Miss St Miss St -2
Outback Michigan S.Carolina S.Carolina -4
Capital One Nebraska Georgia Georgia -10
Rose Wisconsin Stanford Stanford -6.5
Total Big Ten +55

Which of these teams would you take? Maybe Wisconsin before the Bielema news, but probably not. Nebraska? Ha! Michigan? Michigan State? Um … Purdue?

Better yet, would you take the Big Ten and 55 points in one super bet?

Me neither.

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