Coaches Poll: Zeller Most Coveted Player

Cody Zeller and Trey Burke showed up on CBS’s list of most coveted players

CBS is asking college basketball a series of questions about players, coaches and programs – and today’s has a distinct Big Ten flavor.

They asked 70 coaches, “If you could add any one player to your team for next season, who would it be?”

Here are the results:

  1. Indiana sophomore Cody Zeller: 35 percent
  2. UCLA freshman Shabazz Muhammad: 12 percent
  3. Ohio State junior Aaron Craft: 9 percent
  4. Creighton junior Doug McDermott: 9 percent
  5. Murray State senior Isaiah Canaan: 7 percent
  6. Kentucky freshman Nerlens Noel: 7 percent
  7. Michigan sophomore Trey Burke: 5 percent

Craft over Burke? Interesting.

And why Cody? CBS says:

Zeller winning this question, if you will, isn’t a surprise. In fact, of the other 14 litmus tests/topics/survey Qs coming your way in the next three weeks, I think this one is the most predictable. But we had to ask it because we wanted to know what the masses thought. Zeller’s so revered because he’s polished already and showed an immediate ability to expand his game in his freshman year. He can step out and shoot. He has terrific feet. He’s grown to adapt in the paint. His attitude is fantastic. At this point, there’s no danger with Zeller — and the ceiling still seems to be out or reach, which is a great thing.

So there you go.

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