We Are … Convinced There’s A Conspiracy

Sources: These guys got together to crush Penn State

Let’s check in on how the last Japanese soldiers on the island the Paterno and Penn State true believers are faring two days after the NCAA announced its penalties.

We turn to Blue White Illustrated, where we found a post started by Pissed…kDaddy (may be a pseudonum):

One thing made clear to me, Penn State is small potatoes compared to tOSU and those boys in  Ann Arbor.

Don’t doubt that Ohio State alums and Meeechigan alums weren’t behind this grandstanding.  No reason to have Joe Paterno be larger than Woody “right cross to the helmet” Hayes or Bo “you’ve got to be shitting me” Schembechler.

God Forbid, The B1G be known for someone like Joe Paterno who believed in ACADEMICS first and football second.  With such weak factual information about Joe Paterno’s role, I can only “reasonably” conclude, Ohio State and Meeechigan were egging this on.

This gentleman – tugspeedwell (may not be his real name) – seems to be blaming a decades-old league conspiracy for Penn State’s current troubles:

Ohio State and Michigan have been terrified of Penn State since the announcement to join was made, and the league office has never been nothing more than their personal secretarial pool.  The other schools were to cowered from decades of toiling on the Buckverine Plantation that they no longer had any fight in them.  They wanted Penn State for our national reputation, JoePa’s clean reputation and our recruiting footprint, but they were scared that we would come in at the height of our powers and DOMINATE!  The game was cooked from the beginning.  We’ve had two decades of it from the rotten officiating, curious scheduling and worst of all the unforgivable voting in 1994.  Imagine if Joe had been awarded his rightful national championship in 1994.  It could have launched a decade long dominance where no school could have come close to touching us.

Fast forward to this Spring, and don’t think for one minute that Ohio State and Michigan and their 8 robots didn’t lobby hard and fierce to cut BOB off at the knees before he could get things rolling.

When we have our new leadership in place, one of the first things on the agenda needs to be a serious reconsideration of our continued second class citizen status in this corrupt league.

Seems right.

NitFan1974 agrees:

Time to take our seat in the ACC. The Big Ten has always been jealous of us, especially Michigan and Ohio State. It’s time to stop giving them legitimacy by association.

Yes, Penn State is conferring legitimacy on the rest of the conference at this point.

To be fair, many on the board are disagreeing with the above commenters.


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