How They Reacted: Penn State Punishment

July 23, 2012

Jerry Sandusky, PSU Football

Usually, Penn State supporters respond to adversity with restraint.

You can get news on the Penn State sanctions anywhere. Here, we will update you on the undoubtedly measured responses from Penn State and Joe Paterno loyalists.

Before the decision was announced, Penn State fans braced themselves:

Meanwhile, an Ohio State supporter feels bad for his Penn State bros:

Once the penalties were announced, vacating wins was the source of irritation for Paterno loyalists:

And here’s some defiance:

Is it hard to get into Penn State?

Some are wishing ill upon others:


And the award for disgusting – if unintentional – irony goes to:

Um …

Isn’t that the problem?

Or the victims’ memories. But whatever. 409!

And this gentleman will always have the riot of 2008:

This crystalizes the Penn State attitude nicely:

As does this:

One man? Mistake? Mistake?? Children were raped, dear.

This young man is bravely looking forward:

Somebody appears to have joined Twitter simply to say this to Jason Whitlock:

And Ben Jones excuses bad behavior:

And this happens to be untrue for many balanced people.

More to come.


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4 Comments on “How They Reacted: Penn State Punishment”

  1. P Says:

    Getting into Penn State isn’t exactly easy. You’re an idiot by the way.



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