Paterno Dropped From Nike Child Care Center

Nike announces it will change the name of the Joe Paterno Child Development Center.

It seems naming your child care center after a man accused of shielding a child molester isn’t such a great idea. At least that’s what Nike concluded, according to this statement from Nike President & CEO Mark Parker:

I have been deeply saddened by the news coming out of this investigation at Penn State. It is a terrible tragedy that children were unprotected from such abhorrent crimes. With the findings released today, I have decided to change the name of our child care center at our World Headquarters. My thoughts are with the victims and the Penn State community.

No word on the new name just yet.

Meanwhile, Nike founder and board chairman issued a rather odd statement:

Other than my parents, my college coach, Bill Bowerman, was the biggest influence in my life. Bill Bowerman and Joe Paterno shared some great qualities. Throughout Joe Paterno’s career, he strived to put young athletes in a position to succeed and win in sport but most importantly in life. Joe influenced thousands of young men to become better leaders, fathers and husbands.

According to the investigation, it appears Joe made missteps that led to heartbreaking consequences. I missed that Joe missed it, and I am extremely saddened on this day. My love for Joe and his family remains.

“I missed that Joe missed it”? Perhaps this is a very, very subtle to his attack on Penn State at Paterno’s funeral.

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2 Comments on “Paterno Dropped From Nike Child Care Center”

  1. Chris Ross Says:

    I don’t even think Joe Paterno’s legacy is even a question. It’s broken down, trampled on and is beyond repair. Humpty dumpty had a great fall and all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put humpty together again. That’s JoePa’s rep now in a nutshell to me. I don’t see how anyone else can see it that way to be honest. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say


    • Tony Says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Chris. Your take on Joe seems about right. Some things you just can’t get past.


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