NCAA Statement On Freeh Report

July 12, 2012

Jerry Sandusky, PSU Football

The NCAA is waiting for a letter from Happy Valley.

The NCAA has weighed in (sorta) on today’s Freeh Report:

Like everyone else, we are reviewing the final report for the first time today. As President Emmert wrote in his November 17th letter to Penn State President Rodney Erickson and reiterated this week, the university has four key questions, concerning compliance with institutional control and ethics policies, to which it now needs to respond. Penn State’s response to the letter will inform our next steps, including whether or not to take further action. We expect Penn State’s continued cooperation in our examination of these issues.

What are those four key questions? Here you go:

1. How has Penn State and/or its employees complied with NCAA rules?

2. How has Penn State exercised institutional control over the issues identified in and related to the grand jury report?

3. Have each of the alleged persons to have been involved behaved consistent with principles and requirements governing ethical conduct and honestly?

4. What policies and procedures does Penn State have in place to monitor, prevent and detect the issues identified in and related to the grand jury report?

That sure will be an interesting response from Penn State, no?

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