TLR Part Of Hoosier Nation

March 16, 2012

IU Hoops

Tony LaRussa, friend of Crean and longtime Indiana basketball fan.

More ammunition for the anti-Tom Crean crowd, via Rick Bozich:

How much does Tony LaRussa admire Indiana University basketball coach Tom Crean?

This much: LaRussa and his friend, Dick Strong, watched most of Marquette’s first-round NCAA Tournament game in Louisville Thursday afternoon.

They left before the game ended, drove to the airport and took a private jet to Portland, Oregon so they could attend Indiana’s 79-66 victory over New Mexico State. Strong is also friends with Crean from his time at Marquette. …

But he said he became friends with Crean in 2003. LaRussa enjoys talking motivation, strategy and organization with coaches and managers.

Yes, LaRussa is also good friends with former Indiana coach Bob Knight. He said he sees many of Knight’s qualities in Crean — making certain his players attend class as well as his own thirst for knowledge.

Video at the link above.

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5 Comments on “TLR Part Of Hoosier Nation”

  1. Dusty12 Says:

    Great…Satan loves IU….that’s something to brag about.


  2. Dusty12 Says:

    Rick Bozich bragging that Tony LaRussa admires Crean. Basically the post you posted.


  3. Dusty12 Says:

    when he writes it like that with a headline like that — yeah…


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