Illinois Leading Export: Basketball Players

Illinois is exporting a lot of good basketball players.

Based on this interactive map, here’s a look at how many NCAA tournament players each of the Big Ten states produced – and what percentage of those players play on home state teams:

State Number Home %
Illinois 29 0%
Indiana 28 32%
Ohio 23 43%
Michigan 19 69%
Pennsylvania 15 20%
Minnesota 13 0%
Iowa 9 11%
Wisconsin 8 50%
Nebraska 6 33%

This just goes to show that Illinois is exporting a lot of good basketball players who are winning at schools other than Illinois, Illinois State, Bradley or Northwestern, which is (in part) why Bruce Weber is looking for work today. Same goes for Minnesota, to a lesser degree.

For the record, California had the most players at 58, followed by New York (39), Texas (37), Florida (31) and then Illinois and Indiana.

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3 Comments on “Illinois Leading Export: Basketball Players”

  1. Rowdiesdotcom Says:

    For what it’s worth Milwaukee had a bunch of guys leave the area (out of state) to attend basketball prep “school” places so not sure if that’s included in WI. The IndyStar’s “interactive” report didnt report much more than tallest and shortest (weird) so I can’t be sure.


  2. numildcats2003 Says:

    This is probably why Illinois schools do not often make noise in the NCAA tournament. It is probably also why schools like DePaul have fallen off the basketball map. If NU and Illinois can’t start keeping the good players at home, they can forget about any sustained success.


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