Jay Bilas Snubs The Badgers (Briefly)

March 13, 2012

UW Hoops

Um, Jay, did you forget somebody?

Oddly, ESPN’s lyrical college basketball analyst does not include Wisconsin in his final top 68 teams in the country (subscription required).

This must be an oversight, since he has Minnesota at No. 57 and Northwestern at No. 53.

Other Big Ten teams: Michigan State at No. 4, Ohio State at No. 7, Indiana at No. 15, Michigan at No. 17 and Purdue at No. 38.

Update: It is, in fact, a mistake. Bilas Tweets us: “@DailyB10¬†That is being fixed. Just a “cut and paste” error. Apologies to cheese eaters everywhere.”

Update 2.0: He has the Badgers at No. 18 now, bumping Purdue to 39, Northwestern to 54 and Minnesota to 58.


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2 Comments on “Jay Bilas Snubs The Badgers (Briefly)”

  1. Tom Says:

    how does he have IU ahead of UW? They are 0-2 against them.


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