What You Need To Know: Montana

March 12, 2012

UW Hoops


Here are the key facts about Wisconsin opponent Montana in the first round of the NCAA tournament (we refuse to call them second-round games):

Hometown: Missoula, Montana

Conference: Big Sky

Record: 25-6 (15-1)

Nickname: Grizzlies

Tournament Record: 2-9 in eight appearances

Most notable NBA player: Michael Ray Richardson and Larry Krystkowiak.

Fun Fact: Rolling Stone called it the most scenic campus in America.


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3 Comments on “What You Need To Know: Montana”

  1. Hal Coldvice Says:

    This isn’t what I need to know. What about the basketball team?


  2. ryanpmorgan Says:

    Good shooting, good defense, takes decent care of the ball, terrible rebounding, no depth, and played in one of the weakest conferences in college basketball. Only got a 13 seed because of one decent win against Long Beach State, otherwise probably would have been a 15. If they hit a bunch of 3s (certainly possible) could give Wisconsin a game. But really, Badgers are lucky to play these guys… probably the weakest of all the 13/14 seeds.


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