Big Ten Tournament: Day Three

Brutus is looking to keep busy keeping score today.

All chalk in Day 2, and so the four highest seeds remain going into the weekend.

]No. 1 Michigan State vs No. 4 Wisconsin

  • Time: 1:40 EST
  • Favorite: Michigan State (-4)
  • Season series: Swept by Michigan State. 63-60 OT victory in Madison, 69-55 victory in East Lansing.
  • Why Michigan State will win:  You saw Draymond Green yesterday, right?  He may prove to be too much for Wisconsin to handle; he scored 38 points and grabbed 24 rebounds while dishing 7 dimes in the two games against Wisconsin in the regular season.
  • Why Wisconsin will win:  Jordan Taylor needs to have a good game – like, a 20+ point performance good game.  I suspect Ryan Evans will also feature prominently at this game.  If Wisconsin is able to slow the pace down to a level at which they are comfortable playing, they can get Michigan State out of sync.
  • For the bettors: Michigan State
No. 2 Michigan vs No. 3 Ohio State
  • Time: 4:05 EST (approx)
  • Favorite: Ohio State (-7.5)
  • Season Series: Ohio State posted a 64-49 victory in Columbus, and Michigan snagged a 56-51 win in Ann Arbor
  • Why Ohio State will win:  Turns out Jared Sullinger is pretty good.  He may not go for 30 and 12 today, but his mere presence on the court allows everyone else to get open shots as well. Deshaun Thomas is extremely talented, and William Buford can take over a game at any time, if necessary.
  • Why Michigan will win:  Led by Co-Freshman of the year in the Big Ten Trey Burke, this is a Wolverine squad with a lot of talent.  Novak and Smotrycz need to make their shots early. If they get going behind the three point line, Michigan is a deadly team.  If Jordan Morgan can grab 11 rebounds today like he did in Ann Arbor, Michigan will be in the game until the end.
  • For the bettors: Ohio State

No mini pictures today, sorry.


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13 Comments on “Big Ten Tournament: Day Three”

  1. Hal Coldvice Says:

    Be careful with that we stuff. Not saying that Badgers are a play, but I don’t think Sparty -4 is the proper play.


  2. Hal Coldvice Says:

    Also, Ohio State giving 6 today. That’s a lot


  3. Spencer Says:

    I don’t wanna brag….but my bracket is still perfect. ATS yesterday was poor. I’m taking Wisco and Michigan ATS, Wisconsin and OSU to win.


  4. Tony Says:

    I’m at a restaurant in Atlantic City – preparing to go to the A10 semifinals – watching a Xavier fan dig deep in his nose while scratching his ass.

    I would say something, but Xavier types like to fight.


  5. Hal Coldvice Says:

    Michigan LARGE. The line has moved to 7.5.


  6. Tony Says:

    Thank you to spencer for doing preview to make up for my laziness.


  7. Tony Says:

    2-0 day. Hooray for me.


  8. Tony Says:

    I was mistakenly watching the Pac 12 championship for a few minutes there.

    That’s bad basketball.


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