Blotter: Marijuana Charge For Dwayne Beckford

March 6, 2012

B1G Blotter, Purdue Football

This is what got Dwayne Beckford in trouble.

Purdue linebacker Dwayne Beckford is sitting out spring practice while he deals with The Man:

Purdue University linebacker Dwayne A. Beckford faces another criminal charge, this one for possession of marijuana, stemming from a traffic stop in December that led to his arrest for impaired driving.

According to Capt. Eric Chin of the Purdue University Police Department, his department’s policy is to search vehicles that have been impounded following a traffic stop or arrest. That happened after Beckford’s Dec. 16 arrest.

“We found marijuana — what appears to be suspected marijuana,” Chin said Monday.

It “appears to be suspected marijuana”? For Beckford’s sake, I hope “suspected marijuana” doesn’t carry harsher penalties than “marijuana.”

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2 Comments on “Blotter: Marijuana Charge For Dwayne Beckford”

    • Anonymous Says:

      I think its funny!! He deserves a punishment for all the crap he has done in the past year…throwing punches…getting arrested twice…getting caught with weed…it doesn’t end!! I am glad Danny Hope is doing something about it. Maybe someday Purdue Football will have role models and not bums.


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