Blotter: Damarlo Belcher Failed Drug Test

March 6, 2012

B1G Blotter, IU Football

Damarlo Belcher admits he failed a drug test, leading to his dismissal from the IU football team.

The Indianapolis Star has an interesting little story on Indiana football:

With eight NFL scouts in Bloomington Monday for Indiana’s Pro Day, Damarlo Belcher decided it was time to come clean

Belcher, who was dismissed from the Indiana football team nine games into the 2011 season for a violation of team rules, told the scouts what he had previously kept to himself regarding why coach Kevin Wilson had kicked him off the IU team.

“Failed a drug test,” he told reporters assembled for IU’s Pro Day. “I tried to keep it low key. They had to know sooner or later. I just tried to keep it a secret all the way until then.”

At the time of his dismissal in late October, the senior wide receiver was within two receptions of becoming IU’s all-time career leader. He had 189 catches. James Hardy holds the school record with 191.

This raises a couple of questions:

1. Indiana has a pro day? And scouts come?

2. Don’t you bet Belcher wishes he had gone to Syracuse?

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