Big Ten Tournament Bracket

March 4, 2012

B1G Hoops

Print it out and mail it to the Daily Big Ten, along with your $10,000 entry fee.

Update: Vote here on who you think will win the tournament.


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6 Comments on “Big Ten Tournament Bracket”

  1. Spencer Says:

    My picks:
    Iowa over Illinois (pretty sure I could make a solid pick up team and beat Illinois)
    IU over PSU
    Minnesota over NW, which probably puts NW out of the tournament
    Purdue over Nebraska

    MSU over Iowa
    Wisc over IU, which is really just a toss-up and mostly based on their reg season head-to-head win. I could easily see IU winning.
    Michigan over Minnesota
    OSU over PU

    Wisconsin over MSU
    OSU over Michigan

    OSU over Wisco for the championship.


  2. Tony Says:

    I’ll go:

    Iowa over Illinois
    Indiana over Penn State
    Minnesota over Northwestern
    Purdue over Nebraska

    Iowa over Michigan State (just to mix it up)
    Indiana over Wisconsin
    Michigan over Minnesota
    Ohio State over Purdue

    Indiana over Iowa
    Ohio State over Michigan

    Ohio State over Indiana

    /yes, I’m a homer, but the games are in Indy and I can see Michigan State struggling against Iowa.


    • Spencer Says:

      MSU is definitely going to have to adjust to losing Dawson. Iowa is a sneaky, sneaky team too, but I think they’ll get by them and lose their second game no matter who it’s against. Well, maybe not if it’s against Penn State.


  3. spartyjohn Says:

    I’ll be rooting like hell for IU over Wisc. That said, I think if MSU plays IU we win by 12. If we play Wisc it’ll be something like 24 – 19 with 3 minutes left, both teams will be in the double bonus, and the final will be 44 – 38. I’d like to play UM in the final, partly to beat them again, and partly because I think we have a better chance than against OSU. We’ll see. Most fun sports time of the year, right now.


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