Can A Wolverine Root For A Buckeye?

March 3, 2012

Mich Hoops, MSU Hoops, OSU Hoops

At least one Michigan fan knows what needs to happen Sunday (photo via @BTNBrentYarina).

First of all, I don’t really have a dog in this fight.

If things go according to plan (my plan), the conversation is moot. If Michigan State can beat the hated Bucknuts on Sunday, the world will be sprinkled with green and white confetti, Magic Johnson and Jud Heathcoat will be smiling and thunking, and all will be right with the Big 10 world.

My question is this, however: If you’re a Michigan fan, who are you rooting for?

The last time Michigan won or shared a Big 10 basketball championship was 1986. According to my math, that’s a LONG time ago.

Yet, over the past week, in listening to sports radio and talking to my Michigan friends (yes, I don’t base friendships completely on school allegiances), most all of them are NOT rooting for Ohio State to beat Michigan State on Sunday. This amazes me. It’s the whole cutting off your nose to spite your face thing. I don’t get it.

It seems to me that rooting for YOUR team to succeed should take precedence over rooting for YOUR RIVAL to fail. I understand the hatred that Ohioans have for “the school up north.” I see daily the disdane that Michigan fans have for “Ohio.” I personally have schools I really, really dislike, too.

But I think, in 10 years, when you’re wearing your “Big 10 2012 Conference Championship” T-shirt, nobody will care if the title was shared, even with a hated rival. It’s still a big accomplishment. There is no need to apologize for it.

If I’m ever a Michigan fan (in the fiery furnace of Hell), I’m rooting for my team to do well, even if it means collateral success for Ohio State or Notre Dame or Michigan STate or Duke. Heck, as a Michigan State fan I’d root for Bo Ryan if it helped my Spartans.

Hopefully this story has a happy ending. Hopefully Sunday night the score will read something like Michigan State 74, Ohio State 61.

That would be sweet, and the end of the story. But in the meantime, if I were a Wolverine, I’d swallow my pride and root for Ohio State.

Maybe that’s why I’m not a Wolverine. I just don’t get it. But I also don’t get why people care about Jersey Shore or the Kardashians.

Go Green, Go White. Let’s get this party started. I don’t like to share, either.

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I am a veterinarian who graduated from MSU in 1988, after receiving a bachelor's degree from Kalamazoo College. I currently live in Pinckney, MI with my wife Melissa, son Tyler, and daughter Madison. Go Green. Go White. Come visit us at Mill Pond Animal Hospital in Pinckney.

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