Poll: Who Gets Last All-Big Ten Spot?

March 1, 2012

B1G Hoops

We posed a question on Twitter about the first-team All-Big Ten team.

Among the respondents, there seemed to be unanimity about the front line of Draymond Green, Jared Sullinger and Cody Zeller, but there was more discussion around the guards.

Which means it’s poll time!

For the sake of this post, we don’t believe two guards, two forwards and a center are needed (as we aren’t fielding a real team). So we’ll go with Green, Sullinger, Zeller and John Shurna as the top four.

Vote for the final spot here:

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2 Comments on “Poll: Who Gets Last All-Big Ten Spot?”

  1. Spencer Says:

    Tim Frazier’s stats are insane. He deserve a first team spot without a doubt. Unfortunately, he probably won’t get it because he plays on a bad team. My team: Shurna, Sullinger, Green, Buford, and Frazier.



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