Barry Alvarez Should Probably Be Quiet

February 25, 2012

B1G Blotter, UW Football

Barry Alvarez brings the arrogance for the latest John Chadima story.

The Badger Herald has a new story detailing more debauchery around the party that ultimately got Wisconsin associate athletic director John Chadima fired for inappropriately touching a subordinate.

It includes damages to a hotel room and nasty texts from Chadima. Oh, and this little tidbit:

Amy Toburen, UW’s director of communications, also confirmed university officials could not locate a record on file of a written reprimand for a 1998 incident in which then-UW quarterback Mike Samuel was arrested for driving drunk in Chadima’s pickup truck.

Then-Athletic Director Pat Richter said in public statements at the time the university would issue a written letter of reprimand to Chadima, who was in the passenger seat and reportedly too drunk to drive.

Despite the incident, Chadima received promotions and pay raises, ultimately becoming a senior associate athletic director.

Toburen added, however, there could have been a verbal reprimand or other form of communication following the incident.

Nevertheless, athletic director Barry Alvarez – who was also the coach at the time of the 1998 incident, had this to say:

In a news conference with UW journalism students, Director of Athletics Barry Alvarez criticized Interim Chancellor David Ward’s handling of the investigation. He said previously, names have not been released of university officials who were being investigated until they are found guilty.

Alvarez added the portrayals of the Dec. 30 party as an underage drinking party are inaccurate, saying the party was held for secretaries, custodians and equipment people.

“This is their camaraderie. They have every right to get together at a function,” Alvarez said. “Now at this particular one there may have been — which I don’t agree with, which I would never accept — student managers there.”

Alvarez also said he was not aware of how many underage students attended the party.

Yeah, that’s the message Alvarez should be delivering in light of this story. Goodness.

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2 Comments on “Barry Alvarez Should Probably Be Quiet”

  1. Hal Coldvice Says:

    What? Let’s stay relevant here guys.


  2. Tony Says:

    Seems to me UW missed an opportunity or two with this guy… no?


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