Big Ten, Big East Tie In Baseball Challenge

February 21, 2012

B1G Baseball

Purdue opens the baseball season 2-0.

Apparently there’s a Big Ten-Big East Challenge in baseball, too – and you are out of luck if you were hoping to catch a game or two this year. It was last weekend.

But we’re here to catch you up: It ended in a 15-15 tie. The Big Ten went 6-4 on Sunday to close the gap, with wins by Indiana (over Pitt), Illinois (over St. John’s), Michigan (over West Virginia), Ohio State (over UConn), Penn State (over (Cincinnati) and Purdue (over Notre Dame).

Wisconsin did not play, because the Badgers hate America.



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2 Comments on “Big Ten, Big East Tie In Baseball Challenge”

  1. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    Yes. Finally some one else who gets it. The Badgers DO clearly hate America, with their brazen disrespect of America’s greatest national pasttime, in favor of their crappy Title IX selected sports.

    Minnesota’s win over Louisville, and losses to South Florida (after a damn rain delay) and St. Johns are not listed here, but I’ll not hold it against you Tony.


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