Danny Sheridan Briefly Offered Great Odds On Spartans

February 17, 2012

MSU Hoops

Danny Sheridan posted the following at 1:31 p.m. today:

Which surprised, well, just about everyone – given Texas stinks, Syracuse is very good and Louisville has faltered. Plus, I was rushing to bet on Michigan State at some odds longer than 12:1 (Update: actually, his updated odds are at 15:1 for Spartans).

Alas, it wasn’t so – as Danny admitted he made an error. And by “he” Danny meant “somebody else”:

We noted what we believed to be blaming of the assistant, to which he replied:

Fair enough, but I’m not sure I’m prepared to live in a world where I don’t know who is handling my Danny Sheridan Tweets.


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One Comment on “Danny Sheridan Briefly Offered Great Odds On Spartans”

  1. Hal Coldvice Says:

    Who’s Danny Sheridan?


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