Big Ten Predictions: A Look Back

Not even the Amazing Kreskin could have predicted some of these Big Ten outcomes.

At the beginning of the Big Ten season, we gathered our collective wisdom and predicted how we thought each team would do in conference play.

(Our collective wisdom didn’t work out to .500, as each writer got to make predictions independently of the others.)

How are we doing? Not terrible, so far.

Here’s what we predicted would happen for each of the Big Ten teams (and you can see the individual previews here):

Best Case Worst Case Prediction Actual
Ohio State 17–1 13–5 16–2 9–3
Michigan St 13–5 7–11 10–8 9–3
Michigan 11–7 7–11 10–8 9–4
Wisconsin 13–5 7–11 10–8 8–4
Indiana 13–5 8–10 11–7 7–6
Purdue 13–5 7–11 11–7 6–6
Minnesota 9–9 4–14 7–11 5–7
Illinois 13–5 7–11 10–8 5–7
Nwestern 11–7 6–12 9–9 5–7
Iowa 8–10 4–14 5–13 5–7
Nebraska 5–13 2–16 3–15 3–10
Penn St 4–14 2–16 3–15 3–10

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3 Comments on “Big Ten Predictions: A Look Back”

  1. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    I’m bitter-sweetly proud of my prediction for Minnesota. They seem to be right in line with my 7-11 guess, given the schedule that is left.

    C’mon Gophs – shock the world!


  2. Spencer Says:

    MSU might hit best case! Purdue has an outside chance at mine….but that’s really looking grim with their schedule left.


  3. Tony Says:

    I would say these teams have the best chance to hit the prediction (in order):


    The Minnesota-Indiana game could determine it.


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