Deranged Fan Tweets: Jared Sullinger Edition

February 11, 2012

Deranged Fans, MSU Hoops, OSU Hoops

Watching basketball apparently isn't for everyone.

Wow, Michigan State and Ohio State fans alike outdid themselves tonight after the Spartans beat the Buckeyes in Columbus.

Granted Jared Sullinger did not have the, um, best game – 17 points, 16 rebounds (so far so good) and 10 turnovers (ouch).

But that doesn’t warrant the reaction from fans who directed the following Tweets at Sullinger – you know, just to make sure this college student knows how they feel about him.

Without further ado, the latest in deranged fan Tweets (full series here):

So, which is best?

My favorite is Nick Kraus, just because he refers to himself as Mr. Kisses and has pictures of (presumably) his kids in his avatar – and then calls Sullinger a pussy.

Or Chochie McRobbin, who is apparently an Indiana fan. His background has a picture of Tom Pritchard, of all people. Pritchard is not quite the player Sullinger is (not quite), but Chochie McRobbin firmly believes Sullinger sucks.

Or the grammatically challenged Logan Wilcox.

Either way, all of our honorees tonight are winners.

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