Team By Team Predictions For Big Ten Stretch Run

With two games left against the Buckeyes, can Sparty win a Big Ten title?

We’re in the stretch run of the Big Ten season, with each team having just five to seven games to play before the conference tournament.

Who will win the regular season? Who is in the tournament? Who is out? Who is on the bubble?

Here’s a team-by-team look at what we expect to happen over the next few weeks and what they likely will be doing come mid-March:

Ohio State

  • Record: 21-3 (9-2)
  • RPI: 4
  • Home: Michigan State, Illinois, Wisconsin
  • Away: Minnesota, Michigan, Northwestern, Michigan State
  • Prediction: 6-1 to finish 27-4 and 15-3 in Big Ten
  • Tournament? NCAA lock, with a very likely No. 1 seed.

Michigan State

  • Record: 19-5 (8-3)
  • RPI: 9
  • Home: Wisconsin, Nebraska, Ohio State
  • Away: Ohio State, Purdue, Minnesota, Indiana
  • Prediction: 6-1 to finish 25-6 and 14-4 in Big Ten
  • Tournament? Lock, with a No. 2 seed probable.


  • Record: 19-6 (8-4)
  • RPI: 26
  • Home: Penn State, Minnesota, Illinois
  • Away: Michigan State, Iowa, Ohio State
  • Prediction: 4-2 to finish 23-8 and 12-6 in Big Ten
  • Tournament? Lock. No. 4 seed.


  • Record: 18-7 (8-4)
  • RPI: 15
  • Home: Illinois, Ohio State, Purdue
  • Away: Northwestern, Illinois, Penn State
  • Prediction: 3-3 to finish 21-10 and 11-7 in Big Ten
  • Tournament? A 99 percent lock. No. 5 seed.


  • Record: 19-6 (7-6)
  • RPI: 16
  • Home: Northwestern, North Carolina Central, Michigan State, Purdue
  • Away: Iowa, Minnesota
  • Prediction: 4-2 to finish 23-8 and 10-8 in Big Ten
  • Tournament? Lock. No. 4 seed.


  • Record: 16-8 (5-6)
  • RPI: 39
  • Home: Purdue, Iowa, Michigan
  • Away: Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio State, Wisconsin
  • Prediction: 3-4 to finish 19-12 and 8-10 in Big Ten
  • Tournament? Illini will need a win or two in Big Ten tournament to be sure.


  • Record: 15-9 (5-6)
  • RPI: 58
  • Home: Northwestern, Michigan State, Nebraska, Penn State
  • Away: Illinois, Michigan, Indiana
  • Prediction: 4-3 to finish 19-12 and 9-9 in Big Ten
  • Tournament? Low RPI puts them squarely on NCAA bubble. Will need a win or two in Big Ten tournament.


  • Record: 15-8 (5-6)
  • RPI: 38
  • Home: Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio State
  • Away: Purdue, Indiana, Penn State, Iowa
  • Prediction: 4-3 to finish 19-11 and 9-9 in Big Ten
  • Tournament? Is this the year? Yes, if they close strong and win a game in the Big Ten tournament.


  • Record: 13-12 (5-7)
  • RPI: 130
  • Home: Indiana, Wisconsin, Northwestern
  • Away: Penn State, Illinois, Nebraska
  • Prediction: 0-6 to finish 13-18 and 5-13 in Big Ten
  • Tournament? NIT is possible if they steal one at home and beat Penn State and Nebraska on road.


  • Record: 17-8 (5-7)
  • RPI: 61
  • Home: Ohio State, Michigan State, Indiana, Nebraska
  • Away: Northwestern, Wisconsin
  • Prediction: 2-4 to finish 19-12 and 7-11 in Big Ten
  • Tournament? Beating Indiana at home is crucial and then stealing one in Evanston or Wisconsin could keep the Gophers on the bubble. Otherwise, Tubby is headed to the NIT.


  • Record: 11-12 (3-9)
  • RPI: 112
  • Home: Illinois, Iowa
  • Away: Penn State, Purdue, Michigan State, Minnesota
  • Prediction: 1-5 to finish 12-17 and 4-14 in Big Ten
  • Tournament? No chance.

Penn State

  • Record: 10-15 (2-10)
  • RPI: 139
  • Home: Nebraska, Iowa, Northwestern, Michigan
  • Away: Wisconsin, Purdue
  • Prediction: 2-4 to finish 12-19 and 4-14 in Big Ten
  • Tournament? No chance.

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6 Comments on “Team By Team Predictions For Big Ten Stretch Run”

  1. Spencer Says:

    I think 3-4 is more likely for Purdue. I dont think they can win any of those road games.


  2. Dusty12 Says:

    If Wisconsin is a 4 it’s because rest of college hoops sucks. That means they’re 16th best in country….not even close. I’ll take it because it’s not a 5 seed and in the dreaded 5-12 matchup, but I think they’re looking like a 5 seed at best. Could be as low as an 8. Still have MSU and OSU on the road. And Iowa.


  3. Dusty12 Says:

    I’ll betcha.


    • Tony Says:

      Well, no, I’m not going to bet the exact outcome of the remainder of Wisconsin’s season without it being a serious parlay.


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