Big Ten Poll Watch: Week 14

Mascots doing people things? Always funny.

Ohio State is marching toward what feels like an inevitable No. 1 seed in the Big Ten and NCAA tournaments, though they have the Spartans twice more in the final weeks in the season.

Meanwhile, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin seem to have settled in comfortably in the 20s.

Here’s how AP Top 25 voters picked – or didn’t pick – Big Ten teams this week:

Ohio State (No. 3)

  • Best: No. 2 (Cormac Gordon, Dave Borges, John Bohnenkamp, Lindsay Schnell, Mark McCarter, Michael Phillips, Steve Walentik, Terry Hutchens)
  • Worst: Nick Jezierny (No. 5)
  • Most common: No. 3 (48 times)
  • Full report here.

Michigan State (No. 11)

  • Best: No. 7 (Bob Holt, Cormac Gordon, Frank Schwab, Kevin McNamara, Norm Wood, Paul Klee, Steve Wiseman)
  • Worst: No. 17 (Scott Reid)
  • Most common: No. 8 (15 times)
  • Full report here.

Wisconsin (No. 21)

  • Best: No. 12 (Norm Wood)
  • Worst: Unranked (Dick Vitale, Gary Laney, Jack Bogaczyk, Pete Gilbert)
  • Most common: Nos. 20 and 21 (10 times each)
  • Full report here.

Michigan (No. 22)

  • Best: No. 10 (Lindsay Schnell)
  • Worst: Unranked (16 times)
  • Most common: Unranked (16 times)
  • Full report here.

Indiana (No. 23)

  • Best: No. 13 (Toni Ginnetti)
  • Worst: Unranked (13 times)
  • Most common: No. 23 (17 times)
  • Full report here.

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