Big Ten Betting: Battle of Indiana

February 4, 2012

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Tom Crean should go Pete Rose and take Purdue.

Indiana at Purdue (-3)

Can anyone point out the key word in this: Indiana at Purdue.  You guessed it: “at.”  This Indiana team still has a few people fooled with a top 25 ranking and smaller lines.  But in this road game, I’m not expecting anything other than their recent road blunders.  Purdue is favored?  Yes, for a reason.

We are also still reaping the benefits of the Indiana-Iowa shootout last weekend.  Outside of the total in that game (150’), these teams post the highest total of any other conference games this year (142).  I don’t see either team bringing us near the over.



*If you want to get crazy, add a teaser with Purdue, the Under and the NY Football Giants.


About Hal Coldvice

An actuary with communication skills by day, gambling father of two by night. I won't bet on the coin toss, but I'll bet on the national anthem.

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4 Comments on “Big Ten Betting: Battle of Indiana”

  1. Duci Says:

    Very good place, goes to bookmarks. : )
    And small bet on your prediction.
    Wish the best!


  2. Tony Says:

    you cost duci money.


  3. Tony Says:

    unfortunately, i had indiana (-18).

    tough bookie.


  4. Duci Says:

    No problem Tony, I am still here… : )


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