National Signing Day: Penn State

February 1, 2012

B1G Recruiting, PSU Football

He'll get around to it. Really.

Happy Signing Day!

The college football world is a-Twitter with rumors and excitement about where large 18-year-olds will decide to go to school next year.

Everybody that is except the Penn State football coach:

New Penn State coach and current Patriots OC Bill O’Brien said he won’t pay much attention to National Signing Day on Wednesday.

“I’ll get a fax of our signees. I already have a pretty good idea of who they are going to be,” he said. “It’s really about the Patriots and making sure we’re ready for today’s practice, tomorrow’s meeting and Sunday’s game.”

O’Brien, of course, is busy with the Super Bowl. That is, of course, the deal O’Brien cut with Penn State when he took the job: He would devote his full time and energy to the program after the Patriots finished their season.

But it’s a helluva thing to see that not even the Penn State football coach is expressing much interesting in Penn State football.

Here is what is expected to happen (Player rankings all via ESPN, with class rankings from and comments from, to even things out):

Commits: 19 (click on this number to see which have signed throughout the day!) ranking: No. 47

Five stars: None.

Four stars (two): Eugene Lewis, Plymouth, Penn., No. 34 wide receiver in the class; Brian Gaia, Baltimore, No. 13 offensive guard.

Three stars (11): Derek Dowery, Winchester, Va., No. 31 defensive tackle; Brent Wilkerson, Hyattsville, Md., No. 48 defensive end; Jamil Pollard, Westville, NJ, No. 37 defensive tackle; Jesse James, McKeesport, Penn., No. 27 tight end; Anthony Stanko, Warren, Ohio, No. 54 offensive guard; Jordan Lucas, New Rochelle, NY, athlete; Da’Quan Davis, Baltimore, No. 54 cornerback; Steven Bench, Cairo, Ga., No. 75 quarterback; Malik Golden, Cheshire, Conn., No. 108 athlete; Akeel Lynch, Athol Springs, NY, No. 78 running back; Nyeem Wartman, Archbald, Penn., No. 108 outside linebacker; Trevor Williams, Baltimore, No. 173 wide receiver; and Jake Kiley, New Hampton, NH, No. 114 cornerback.

Summary: This class looked a lot better three months ago before the world caved in on Happy Valley – and blue-chippers started jumping ship. Full class here.

What they’re saying: “A strong, early start in the 2012 class was almost completely erased by the scandal in State College that resulted in the dismissal of legendary head coach Joe Paterno.” –

Video giving you something to look forward to:


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