Illinois Is Pondering New Football Lids

January 30, 2012

Illinois Football

The Illini may be getting new hats for 2012 (photo via Big Ten Network and

The Big Ten Network reports that Illinois is considering getting new helmets for next year:

The Illinois football team may have a much different look when it takes the field in 2012. Already with a new head coach, Tim Beckman, the Illini could also have new helmets. According to Illinois SID Derek Neal, the team is displaying three helmets for recruits visiting campus.

Two of the lids are orange and have “ILLINI,” not “ILLINOIS” as in years past, and one is in blue letters, outlined in white, and the other white, outlined in blue. A few other differences: The “ILLINI” is arched, there’s no stripe down the middle and the font is no longer underlined (see the 2011 helmet). The final helmet is blue with a matte finish and an orange “I.”

The combination of helmets and uniforms could be plentiful, as the picture above displays four different facemask colors (white, blue, orange and gray) and a uniform glossary that includes blue, orange and white pants/jerseys.

I like blue helmets with orange masks, for what it’s worth. That would be sassy.


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One Comment on “Illinois Is Pondering New Football Lids”

  1. numildcats2003 Says:

    I know I am a Northwestern alum and Illini fans probably don’t care what my opinion is, but blue helmet with the orange I looks pretty cool.


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