Big Ten Poll Watch: Week 13

Sparty dreams of a high seed come tourney time for the Michigan State Spartans.

Ohio State and Michigan State are starting to separate themselves a bit from the rest of the league in the AP Top 25.

The Buckeyes have climbed to No. 3, with the Spartans back up to No. 9. The Hoosiers, Badgers and Wolverines round out the Top 25 for the Big Ten – with Mark Smith of the Albuquerque Journal ranking three separate conference teams lower than any of his peers this week.

What’s up with that, Mr. Smith?

Ohio State (No. 3)

  • Best: No. 2 (12 times)
  • Worst: No. 6 (Jon Wilner)
  • Most common: No. 3 (47 times)
  • Full report here.

Michigan State (No. 9)

  • Best: No. 5 (Frank Schwab, Rick Bozich)
  • Worst: No. 15 (Mark Smith)
  • Most common: No. 9 (24 times)
  • Full report here.

Wisconsin (No. 19)

  • Best: No. 10 (Norm Wood)
  • Worst: Unranked (Steve Wiseman, Nick Jezierny, Jack Bogaczyk)
  • Most common: No. 17, 18, 20 (10 times each)
  • Full report here.

Indiana (No. 20)

  • Best: No. 12 (Cormac Gordon)
  • Worst: Unranked (Dave Borges, John Feinstein, Mark Smith, Tom Keegan)
  • Most common: No. 18 (10 times)
  • Full report here.

Michigan (No. 23)

  • Best: No. 11 (Seth Davis, Lindsay Schnell)
  • Worst: Unranked (11 times, including Mark Smith)
  • Most common: Unranked (11 times)
  • Full report here.

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2 Comments on “Big Ten Poll Watch: Week 13”

  1. Spencer Says:

    Wisco at #10? WOW.


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