Meyers Leonard: Big Guy With A Big Decision

January 25, 2012

Illinois Hoops

Meyers Leonard has a big decision to make after the season ends.

We are officially banning any criticism of Meyers Leonard after reading this story by Dana O’Neil.

An excerpt:

Meyers Leonard is a lot of things — talented and stubborn, smart and starved for praise.

Above all, he is responsible.

“I want to be a kid for as long as I can be,” he said. “But there’s a lot on my shoulders. My mom is in a lot of pain. My brother is overseas. All of these people, these fans, they want us to be good. People ask me if I’m going to the NBA. There’s just a lot of stuff right now.”

There always has been a lot of stuff in Meyers Leonard’s life, a bag of misfortune handed to a family that certainly never asked for it.

James Leonard was only 46 when he died, killed in a freak bicycle accident in the middle of the small town — Robinson, Ill. — the family called home.

Meyers was just 6 when his dad died, and his memories are only those he’s been given — snapshots of a life that read more like a magazine bio than an actual person.

Read the whole thing. It’s very well done (as are all Dana O’Neil stories) and reminds us that these are college kids dealing with more than basketball.

Hear that, Nasim Abu Hashem?

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