Midseason (Fantasy) Report: Most Productive Big Ten Players

January 24, 2012

B1G Hoops

Penn State's Tim Frazier, Big Ten fantasy basketball league MVP candidate.

As we approach the mid-point in the Big Ten season, it’s worth taking a closer look at who has been not only the Most Valuable Player (presumably some intangibles are mixed into the pot there), but also who’s been the most productive Big Ten player thus far.

The most productive players score points, pull down rebounds, dish the ball for an assist, steal the rock and block shots. (Turnovers are not deducted—this is all positive, baby!)

As it turns out, this simple method is also how my Big Ten fantasy league is scored, so I was able to look at the recent stats to see how closely this aligned to previous Most Valuable Player discussions.

Since several teams have made it closer to the half-way point than others (8 games vs 7), I’ve also included Total Productive Points per Game. Ranking the Top 12 shows a few main groupings that emerge–the elites over 30  TPPG, the players nipping at their heals at 28 TPPG, the not-quite-in-the-stratosphere players at 24 TPPGs, and the finally the steady TPPG contributors at over 22 TPPG.

Player Pts Reb Ast Stl Blk Total Game Avg Coach
Draymond Green 99 75 25 13 8 220 7 31.4 Fish
Tim Frazier 155 31 42 20 1 249 8 31.1 Rowdies
Jared Sullinger 130 62 3 15 4 214 7 30.6 Rowdies
Brandon Paul 132 38 20 16 7 213 7 30.4 Rowdies
John Shurna 131 39 14 6 10 200 7 28.6 Nick
Trey Burke 122 32 33 5 4 196 7 28.0 Nick
William Buford 99 38 22 8 2 169 7 24.1 Keith
Jordan Taylor 125 37 26 5 0 193 8 24.1 Keith
Christian Watford 107 54 14 3 5 183 8 22.9 Rowdies
Cody Zeller 121 40 7 5 10 183 8 22.9 Rowdies
Meyers Leonard 91 49 6 4 10 160 7 22.9 Fish
Tim Hardaway Jr. 107 31 13 6 1 158 7 22.6 Nick

As you can see, some of the same suspects are included on this list: Green, Frazier, Sullinger, Shurna, and Taylor.

Draymond and Tim have battled it out for top player, but as noted earlier by Daily Big Ten commentary, Mr. Green has showed himself to be most valuable and most productive by a slight margin.

Some interesting names that quietly are right there at the top are Brandon Paul, fresh off his 43-point torching of Ohio State and Trey Burke, the wonderful freshman out of Michigan. Some other forgotten names are Meyers Leonard, who has done much outside of simply scoring field goals, and Tim Hardaway Jr, the explosive son of THSr, for the Wolverines.

Who is absent from the discussion? Interestingly Mr. Purdue Robbie Hummel hasn’t been able to be his productive self, something that surely can be explained by his numerous injuries.

Not the most intricate of all formulas, but it can be telling to add everything up and see who is dominating the Big Ten so far this year.  Equally telling is that if you have  three of the top four players on this scale, you are in good shape to win a Big Ten fantasy league.  Stay tuned for an end-of the year wrap-up, folks; things can change quickly!


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7 Comments on “Midseason (Fantasy) Report: Most Productive Big Ten Players”

  1. spencer Says:

    Hummel’s lack of productivity is more due to the fact that Purdue lacks role players who take pressure off him rather than his injuries.


  2. Rowdiesdotcom Says:

    Great player, and seems like he’s been there as long as Evan Eschmeyer played.


  3. Keith Says:

    Interestingly, further analysis yet will show Meyers Leonard to be the most boring player in Division I.

    Can Jordan Taylor please get hot from three?


  4. Fish Says:

    Frazier looked good against Indiana – it was the first time I saw him. He’s about 6’5″, I think I would have drafted him if I knew he was that tall. Assumed he was like Battle, 5’10” if he is lucky.
    The Badgers win if they hit three’s, if not, they look like UW Stout


  5. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    This post is nothing more than a vehicle for Rowdies to brag about his 1st place team, in an ill-conceived 4-man league using archaic scoring methods.



  6. Rowdiesdotcom Says:

    Somebody wasn’t invited again! Maybe next year, GBG!


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