Golden Gophers Unveil New Football Uniforms For 2012

January 20, 2012

B1G, Minn Football, MN

The wait is over (for those of you rubes like me who actually were waiting).  The Gophs had their uniforms completely redesigned by Nike, and here are the results, complete with dramatic Minneapolis skyline shots and our immense locker room:

Good stuff.  Overall I like the updated look very much, and they’re about what I expected, given the sneak peak of the helmets we got.  They fit well with the new lids, and they managed to maintain the classic look, with some fun ‘Nike Combat’ style tweaks (the rubberized looking v-neck, built-in padding inserts, etc.), and a new tackle/twill font for the nameplates and numbers.  It’s unclear to me if the black socks/cleats are a full-blown addition, given that the release video shows Maroon and Gold cleats, but the players are wearing the black.  There will be 8 variations of the uniforms, none of which will include the white helmets, which were used in a few select road games during Tim Brewster’s tenure.  I had feared they would try to go over the top with some all-black alternate jersey, but they restrained themselves.  Save something like that for if we ever get good at football again – meaning surpassing the Grinnin’ Glen Mason era and winning a Big Ten Championship. (All photos are courtesy of

Brock Vereen sporting the standard Maroon over Gold...

...followed by MarQueis Gray sporting the inverse look...

...and here we have linebacker Keanon Cooper with the solid Maroon look...

...and the classic White over Gold look used for road games in the Mason-era, as modeled by Ben Perry.

 How many wins and big recruits this will translate to? I have no idea.  But as a long-time Detroit Lions fan, I’ve learned that if you are going to loose, you may as well look good doing it.  These will fit that bill nicely.

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8 Comments on “Golden Gophers Unveil New Football Uniforms For 2012”

  1. Tony Says:

    I thought they looked pretty much like the old ones, but I must admit that I’m not a student of the vagaries of Minnesota football uniforms.


    • Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

      A fair observation. More accurately, they go back to the Mason-era uniform style, but with the Nike Combat flair. Then add in a twist of the variable color combos for road and away. The jerseys over the last 3-4 season had piping on them, and started the trend of multiple color sets.

      On subtlety that I do like is that their is some kind of graphic or texture in the Maroon lettering with the white jerseys.

      Gee, can you tell I’m a sports uniform dork?


  2. Rowdiesdotcom Says:

    USC owns these colors, no?


  3. Tony Says:

    Oregon’s Rose Bowl helmets were the coolest things ever.

    That’s right, cooler than Fonzie.


  4. Jake Says:

    Hot damn I love the new unis. I like the fact that the maroon numbers contain a brick pattern meant to invoke a)gone but not forgotten Memorial Stadium and b) the fact they are rebuilding the program brick by brick. I hope it translates to wins!


    • Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

      Also found out that the font for the numbers is based on the 1940 uniform font, a National title year. Cool historical nod there to go with the brick pattern of Memorial Stadium.


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