Pennsylvania State Senator Cries Over JoePa

January 18, 2012

Jerry Sandusky, PSU Football

Oh, dear lord.

Sports by Brooks provides video of Pennsylvania state Sen. Jack Corman, who represents State College, breaking down as he defends Joe Paterno on the Senate floor.

As Brooks notes, Corman closes with the following:

He’s (Paterno) in the biggest battle of his life now but when you view his history he will win. Our prayers are with him and I can only hope my community, my institution are worthy of his efforts to make us grow.

You’ll note that Corman doesn’t get this emotional over Jerry Sandusky’s alleged victims – even though he is on the board of Second Mile.

They. Still. Don’t. Get. It.

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2 Comments on “Pennsylvania State Senator Cries Over JoePa”

  1. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    Yeah, Cormon – your alma mater is a better place because of Joe Paterno. That’s no doubt true from your own perspective, and many others like you. I wouldn’t even begin to debate that they’ve had a positive impact on the entire state. But it doesn’t excuse a lack of action (admitted by Paterno himself) when it comes to protecting children.

    Go ahead Cormon, ask the vicitms and their families if they agree with you. They are your constituents too, you selfish asshat.

    Somebody please pop this bubble that surrounds the PSU campus and community so that they can get some oxygen to their starved brains.


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