Bring It On: Indiana No. 1

January 18, 2012


Indiana won a national championship in cheerleading. Photo via

Indiana’s Crimson all-female cheerleading squad won the national championship in, um, cheerleading over the weekend in Orlando.

The Crimson Squad won the “All-Girl” division (you’d think they would change that name in these times), which Indiana’s news release tells us is “one of the toughest divisions at the college championships.”

Minnesota also made the finals, along with Morehead State, San Diego State, Florida State, South Florida, Western Kentucky, Rutgers and Temple.

But wait! There’s more! Indiana’s co-ed squad finished fourth nationally in the small co-ed division. I presume the squad is small and not the people participating in the competition.

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3 Comments on “Bring It On: Indiana No. 1”

  1. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    If there was anything to NOT get excited about your school, its reading this.

    Conversely, if there is anything worth getting excited about your school, it’s sitting in the front row watching your All-Girl cheer team live and in person.

    And I say this knowing that Minnesota’s Dance Team won the Nat’l crown last year.

    To recap. On paper, boring. In person, ‘yeah, I’ll watch’.


  2. Rowdiesdotcom Says:

    And creepy GBG comes out!


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