Purdue’s Student Section Among Best in the Country

January 13, 2012

B1G Hoops, Purdue Hoops

These fans make Mackey Arena a nightmare for opposing teams.

The Boilermakers fell at home to the Badgers last night 67-62 (as predicted), but that didn’t stop Grantland’s Shane Ryan from showering praise upon Purdue’s largest student group, The Paint Crew,  the student section for the men’s basketball team.  In part, Ryan said:

It’s hard to describe the explosion when Terone Johnson’s 3 went down on the next possession, but I can say it was the loudest sports crowd I’d ever heard outside of Cameron. Sitting by myself on the media row, with no rooting interest and nobody nearby, I still got goosebumps as the volume escalated. It wasn’t just the students, either; looking around, even the older fans in the lower sideline seats standing and yelling. Near the court and in the rafters, 14,000 people were urged on by the force of their collective voices. More than any other college basketball fan base I’ve seen, they constantly recognized and added to their own strength.

Read the whole article about one of the toughest places to visit in the country here.


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2 Comments on “Purdue’s Student Section Among Best in the Country”

  1. Rowdiesdotcom Says:

    Wait, isn’t that because there’s a tin/metal roof on that place? It’s kinda like the old cement Kingdome noise level–somewhat fan created, mostly cacaphonus accoustics.

    The worst was the shameless Metrodome which amplfied the sound via speakers. . .lame.


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