Big Ten Sold Just 77 Percent Of Its Bowl Tickets

January 11, 2012

B1G Football

There were plenty of good seats available for Big Ten bowl games.

Bad economy. Lackluster matchups. Less than desirable locales.

Whatever the cause, there were a lot of empty seats at this year’s bowl games involving Big Ten teams – as even teams that traditionally travel well were unable to move their tickets.

From the Ohio State student newspaper The Lantern:

The Ohio State football team sold only 7,500 tickets of the 12,750 it was allotted for the Gator Bowl on Jan. 2, in Jacksonville, Fla., but the Buckeyes weren’t the only Big Ten team that failed to sell its bowl-game ticket allotment.

The Big Ten conference sent 10 football teams to the postseason in 2011-12 — more than any Football Bowl Subdivision conference in the country. However, the on-field achievements of the respective teams during the regular season weren’t necessarily backed by each schools’ supporters as only Purdue, Northwestern and Wisconsin sold out their ticket allotments for their respective bowls.

Nice job by The Lantern, which found that the schools were allotted and sold the following number of tickets:

  • Purdue: Sold 5,425; allotted 5,000 =109 percent of available seats
  • Wisconsin: 24,848/24,848 = 100 percent
  • Northwestern: 12,000/12,000 = 100 percent
  • Michigan: 15,000/17,500 = 85.7 percent
  • Penn State: 4,200/6,000 = 70 percent
  • Nebraska: 8,100/12,500 = 64.8 percent
  • Iowa: 7,000/11,000 = 63.6 percent
  • Ohio State: 7,500/12,750 = 58.8 percent
  • Michigan State: 6,500/11,500 = 56.5 percent
  • Illinois: 8,000/2,600 = 32.5 percent

All told, the Big Ten sold 93,173 of its 121,098 allotted seats – or 76.9 percent.

To be fair to Illini fans, even the interim coach and the assistants didn’t want to be there. Why should the fans bother?


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7 Comments on “Big Ten Sold Just 77 Percent Of Its Bowl Tickets”

  1. Tony Says:

    And, to be clear:

    Indiana 0/0
    Minnesota 0/0

    That is all.


  2. Rowdiesdotcom Says:

    Often times the seats allotted to the schools aren’t the best ones, so folks just wait to purchase on the secondary market–ie, StubHub. Or from shady people on Craigslist.


  3. Spencer Says:

    yeahhh purdue gets extra credit.


  4. NUMildcats2003 Says:

    I would love to know how that percentage compares to other conferences. Also, considering that Big Ten fans often have to travel farther than their Pac 12, SEC, ACC, and Big 12 counterparts, I think 77% is pretty decent.


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