Coker Won’t Return To Iowa

January 10, 2012

B1G Blotter, Iowa Football

Marcus Coker was released from his scholarship.

No surprise here:

Marcus Coker won’t return to the Iowa football team after being suspended for the Insight Bowl.

The University of Iowa reported Tuesday that Coker asked for and was given a release from his football scholarship.

Coker ran for 1,384 yards during his sophomore season, the fourth-best total in Hawkeye history. It also ranked second in the Big Ten.

The sophomore from Beltsville, Md., was suspended for the Dec. 30 Insight Bowl for “disciplinary reasons.”

As opposed to being suspended for “rewarding reasons.”


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2 Comments on “Coker Won’t Return To Iowa”

  1. Dusty12 Says:

    Wow…A little Coker story. My son played against him in high school; my son being a middle linebacker at the time. The first time he faced him, Coker runs right at him and makes a wicked cut right. To my son’s credit, he forgot about the fact his jock strap was laying on the ground and at least dove at him, getting his hand on the top of Coker’s shoe. He mangled my son’s hand….torn nails, dislocated fingers, etc. So I asked my son if he knew the RB’s name, and he said no and why would I care. I said because one day you’re going to be able to tell your kids that the RB on TV mangled your hand. (From his freshman year, Coker was incredibly cut. Imagine what Adrian Peterson or Hershel Walker would have looked like as a HS frosh.)

    So, I guess the RB on TV story is gone now.


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