Bracketology: Lots Of Big Ten Movement

Click to see Joe Lunardi's full report.

The latest Bracketology is in from ESPN’s Joe Lunardi, and there has been a lot of movement in just one week among Big Ten teams.

Ohio State remains a No. 1, but Michigan State and Indiana both moving up to No. 2 from a three seed last week.

Michigan is up to a No. 5, and Purdue has climbed to a No. 7. Wisconsin has fallen to a No. 8, while Illinois has climbed to a No. 8.

That’s seven teams in. Lunardi has Northwestern listed in his second four out. Last week, he had Minnesota in his first four out, but they’ve disappeared altogether.

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2 Comments on “Bracketology: Lots Of Big Ten Movement”

  1. Spencer Says:

    Obligatory Louisville watch: No. 4 seed.


  2. Dusty12 Says:

    mindboggling that wisconsin is an 8 still.

    If that’s the case, the NCAA tourney is officially too big.


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