Penn State Tweeting Up Bill O’Brien

January 7, 2012

PSU Football

Jeff Nelson is up early this morning to promote Bill O'Brien (note: this probably isn't Jeff Nelson).

In advance of this morning’s news conference announcing Bill O’Brien as coach, Penn State is up bright and early this morning to justify the hiring.

From assistance athletic director for communications Jeff Nelson (@GoPSUJeff):


It’s a start and well worth doing, but they have a lot of work to do on the “Penn State Family.”

(The news conference is at 11:30 a.m.)

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2 Comments on “Penn State Tweeting Up Bill O’Brien”

  1. Dusty12 Says:

    Hiring a coach with a political science background is a plus. They need to start getting some political sense to go with badly needed PR sense.

    It’s a great hire for PSU. Right now. Arguably, the first right move since this scandal broke….or more importantly, since the monster started preying.


  2. Tony Says:

    While nervous, he did a good job with the news conference.

    If I had to choose between him and Lavar Arrington, I would choose him every time.

    But I fear he’s the Mike Davis of Penn State.


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