New Penn State Coach: Bill O’Brien Bio

January 6, 2012

PSU Football

Bill O'Brien is headed to State College to pick up the pieces.

Penn State has reportedly decided on Bill O’Brien as the man to replace Joe Paterno and begin cleaning up the mess left behind in Happy Valley.

But who is Bill O’Brien? Let’s take a look:

Name: Bill O’Brien

Age: 42

Personal: Married to Colleen. Two sons, Jack and Michael

Playing career: Defensive end, linebacker at Brown University, 1990-92

Coaching career:

  • 1993-94: Brown, tight ends coach and inside linebackers coach
  • 1995-2002: Georgia Tech, graduate assistant, running backs coach, quarterbacks coach, offensive coordinator, assistant head coach
  • 2003-04: Maryland, running backs coach
  • 2005-06: Duke, offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach
  • 2007-11: New England Patriots, offensive assistant, wide receivers coach, quarterbacks coach, offensive coordinator

His Offensive Approach

Every offense has its own identity. I really believe that we’re definitely as cliché as it sounds, we’re a game plan offense. We look at the defense that we’re playing that week and we say, ‘Okay, how can we put our players into the position to do what they do best?’ It’s a very challenging deal, not only for the coaches but for the players.

And Then There Was This …

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5 Comments on “New Penn State Coach: Bill O’Brien Bio”

  1. Tony Says:

    Todd Blackledge seems pissed about this hiring, even though he’s never met him, because O’Brien “doesn’t know Penn State” and isn’t part of Penn State.

    Good grief. Hopefully, that’s why they chose him.

    But he’s destined to fail. The program is a mess. Players are looking elsewhere. And it won’t be his fault.


  2. dusty 12 Says:

    It would seem not being part of Penn State would be a plus — and really a necessity — in the hire. I get loyalty by PSU fans, and a lot of the the splatter hitting the students and current players, etc., is unfair, but there’s a reality here. Those diplomas are losing value. I’ve been doing a lot of interviewing myself — and this is in no way an issue with me — but I’ve had numerous PSU candidates …and I just naturally bring up that they went to PSU and ask what they think of everything, and they just naturally sigh. Audibly. And if someone benign like me is bringing it up; think about an employer who isn’t so.

    They have to heal this thing fast. They’ve mishandled the PR on this so amazingly poorly to date. And the fans, alumns, etc., need to get out of their bubble, realize it and start that healing process — and accelerate it. I honestly don’t think many PSU fans get the damage it’s done.

    I’ll be honest. My son was looking at PSU. No way I let him go there right now — not because it isn’t a great school. But the connotations taht come with that name on a resume right now are not helpful.

    Todd Blackledge has a job. And he’s lucky that 90 percent of America has no clue he went to PSU. He’s still in the bubble.

    This isn’t meant to offend PSU folks (though I’m sure I have) because I think a couple people have unfairly caused a terrible black eye on a great school with great folks. But the reality right now is what it is.

    I think the hire of a guy with no ties to PSU is the first real sign yet that the PSU leadership is finally “getting it.”


    • Tony Says:

      Look at that other post. They are nuts up there right now. I’m a PA taxpayer, and luckily my kids are young. Otherwise, that’s not an option.


  3. dusty 12 Says:

    PS — I was 15 rows up directly behind the skirmish in the video above … and it was fricking awesome — far better live! O’Brien was obviously turned toward us, the crowd in the stands, and he was telling Brady where he could freaking go. And in no uncertain terms. I think he’d have thrown a punch if folks didn’t get in between them…he was that hot, and clearly tired of Brady’s prima dona shit.

    So PSU is certainly not getting a shrinking violet.



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