Reports: Ball Staying At Wisconsin

January 4, 2012

UW Football

Will Montee Ball stay or go?

Wisconsin running back Montee Ball took to Twitter on Wednesday to walk back a story that he was coming back for his senior year:

lots of speculation out there, leaning one way but just not ready to make an announcement yet, appreciate everyone’s patience

This is after Wisconsin247 reported that Ball will return for his senior season in Madison:

According to multiple sources close to the Wisconsin football program, Junior Running Back Montee Ball will forgo entering his name in the NFL draft and return to Wisconsin for his senior season.

Sources say Ball decided to come back because of the love he has for the University Wisconsin and it’s football program.

Stay tuned.

Update: The Wisconsin State Journal also is reporting that Bell is staying, but his news conference was postponed due to coaches leaving the program.


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3 Comments on “Reports: Ball Staying At Wisconsin”

  1. dusty 12 Says:

    That’s great news if it’s true! Hopefully he gets Konz to stay too.

    Love it when the “insiders” and “bloggers” are wrong. Of course, this blogger could be wrong. But at least my hopes are up for a few hours anyway.

    Now, if we can get a QB …..


  2. Tony Says:

    Montee is a tease!


  3. Dusty12 Says:

    The Badgers are a tease.


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