Tom Bradley Does Right By Penn State

January 3, 2012

Illinois Football, PSU Football

Let’s play compare and contrast, shall we?

Here’s Illinois interim coach Vic Koenning on who he and his assistants were approaching their bowl game:

Koenning said it’s not a guarantee that he or his assistants will be on staff at the time of the bowl game. He said he has urged all of them to put family first and actively seek out new jobs, as he is doing.

Tom Bradley has served Penn State admirably.

And here’s Penn State interim coach Tom Bradley:

When asked how long he’s willing to wait to find out his fate at Penn State before seeking opportunities elsewhere, Bradley said “ ’till the absolute end.”

Bradley commended the rest of his coaching staff, including co-defensive coordinators Ron Vanderlindenand Larry Johnson, who both interviewed for the head coaching position, for sticking around as well.

“They weren’t running around doing other things,” Bradley said. “They were busting their tails to help this team win this bowl game. I’m proud of them and I’m thankful for the efforts they gave me. Nothing changed me. They worked like dogs the whole way through this thing. What they do from here, that’s their decision.”

You can say Bradley and his guys still have hope. But so did Koenning. He was ultimately offered the defensive coordinator job.

He opted not to take it.

Probably for the best.


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2 Comments on “Tom Bradley Does Right By Penn State”

  1. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    In semi-related news, did anybody notice that ‘Pedobear’ made an appearance at PSU’s bowl game, with a very appropriate sign…


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