Bracketology: Big Ten Projections

Joe Lunardi posted his new Bracketology on Tuesday, including seven Big Ten teams projected to make the NCAA tournament (and Minnesota listed among the first four out).

He still has Ohio State has a No. 1 and playing first-round games in Pittsburgh, while Indiana and Michigan State are No. 3 seeds, playing in Louisville and Columbus, respectively.

Wisconsin has dropped to a No. 5 seed out in Albuquerque, Michigan a No. 6 in Columbus, Purdue a No. 9 seed in Louisville, and Illinois a No. 11 in Nashville.

What do you think?

(Click on bracket to see larger version and Lunardi’s full report.)


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6 Comments on “Bracketology: Big Ten Projections”

  1. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    Honestly, I don’t know why ‘Bracketology’ is even exercised until mid February. It’s like those 2012 mock NFL drafts that come out midway thru the season.

    Do these basketball writers have so little to write about that they need to project teams 30-64 somewhere?

    I place early season ‘bracketology’ on my ever running ‘Pay no mind’ list.


  2. Dusty12 Says:

    And Lunardi needs something to do?

    Doubt Bucky is a 5 seed still after tonight…..3 home losses in one year. They had 3 home losses in last 7-8 years combined? Does the DBT research department have a quick number on that?


    • Tony Says:

      Lost to Illinois in 2009-10
      Lost to UConn, Texas, Minnesota, Purdue in 2008-09
      Lost to Marquette, Purdue in 2007-08


  3. Spencer Says:

    Tony you should be happiest about this mock bracket because Louisville is a 4 and IU a 3.


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