Big Ten Poll Watch: Week 9

Your weekly look at who likes - and doesn't like - Big Ten teams.

Big shakeup in the AP Top 25 among Big Ten teams this week, with big wins by Indiana and Michigan State and losses by Ohio State, Wisconsin and Indiana.

You can track the voting weekly by clicking on “B1G Poll Watch” above – or by clicking here.

Ohio State (No. 6)

  • Best: No. 3 (Cormac Gordon, Jason Franchuk, John Werner, Michael Phillips, Rick Bozich, Ron Morris, Toni Ginnetti)
  • Worst: No. 11 (Jason Smith, Jon Wilner, Ray Fittipaldo)
  • Most common: No. 5 (13 times)
  • Full report here.

Michigan State (No. 10)

  • Best: No. 6 (Jeff Goodman, Sam Kahn)
  • Worst: No. 17 (Roger Clarkson)
  • Most common: No. 11 (19 times)
  • Full report here.

Indiana (No. 12)

  • Best: No. 5 (Doug Haller – who went to Indiana)
  • Worst: No. 18 (Roger Clarkson)
  • Most common: No. 10 (19 times)
  • Full report here.

Michigan (No. 16)

  • Best: No. 10 (Gary Laney)
  • Worst: Unranked (Mark Berman)
  • Most common: No. 16 (11 times)
  • Full report here.

Wisconsin (No. 18)

  • Best: No. 12 (Terry Hutchens, Jason Franchuk, Toni Ginnetti)
  • Worst: Unranked (John Feinstein, Kevin McNamara, Mark Berman)
  • Most common: No. 19 (13 times)
  • Full report here.

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4 Comments on “Big Ten Poll Watch: Week 9”

  1. Dusty12 Says:

    First time ever I agree with John Feinstein, which is a scary way to start the New Year. But no way Wisconsin should be ranked. They’d come in fourth in the CAA this year.


  2. Tony Says:

    Three people still have them at No. 12.


    • Dusty12 Says:

      They’re drunk or Bo has pictures on them. Or they’re just idiots. Who spells Tony with an “i”. Clueless. It should be mandatory to watch a game before you vote.



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