Welcome To The Big Ten Fantasy Basketball Draft

January 1, 2012

B1G Betting, B1G Hoops

The Big Ten fantasy basketball draft stage looked something like this.

If your baseball, NFL, NBA or even NHL fantasy leagues aren’t enough, perhaps you’d like to consider starting a Big Ten fantasy basketball league like the one my friends and I have run for several years.

Here’s how it works:

Points are tallied (via old school spreadsheet, no fancy websites here!) by adding up the points + assists + rebounds + steals + blocks for your five starters. Simply put, the highest total points at the end of year wins.

You get a total of 7 players on a roster and have the opportunity to sub-in/out at four breaks in the season (every four games until the last six—I know if worked better in the quartile format before the 18 game-season).

Entry fee is 25 Widgets with 75 Widgets going to the regular season winner and 25 Widgets back at the winner with the best performance in the Big Ten tourney, where a different strategy prevails.

It’s been a pretty fun distraction over the past 10 or so winters, I will say.

With Nebraska joining we are contemplating adding another Coach, but we’ll need to see if the Huskers bring enough to the league (i.e. two-plus players who would get on a roster) warrant an expansion.

For those interested, here’s how the draft went:


  • Coach Fish – Draymond Green
  • Coach Rowdies – Jared Sullinger
  • Coach Keith – Jordan Taylor
  • Coach Nick – Tim Hardaway Jr.

1. Nick: John Shurna

2. Fish: Robbie Hummel (back for his 8th year?)

3. Rowdies: Cody Zeller

4. Keith: William Buford

5. Keith: Victor Oladipo

6. Rowdies: Tim Frazier

7. Fish: Drew Crawford

8. Nick: Trey Burke

9. Nick: Bo Spencer (Bo Knows Hoops)

10. Fish: Meyers Leonard

11. Rowdies: Deshaun Thomas

12. Keith: Ben Brust

13. Keith: Melsahn Basabe

14. Rowdies: Christian Watford

15. Fish: Ryan Evans (straight outta Kid `n Play)

16. Nick: D.J. Richardson

17. Nick: Jared Berggren (another polar bear?)

18. Fish: Evan Smotrycz

19. Rowdies: Brandon Paul

20. Keith: Keith Appling

21. Keith: Jordan Morgan

22. Rowdies: Aaron Craft (Greg Paulus, anybody?)

23. Fish: ?? (lost track due to small-batch bourbon…)

24. Nick: ?? (lost track, part II. Will get back to you.)

What do you think?  Who did we miss?

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7 Comments on “Welcome To The Big Ten Fantasy Basketball Draft”

  1. Tony Says:

    This feels quite late for Watford, no?


  2. Rowdiesdotcom Says:

    Yeah, I felt like I got CW in a steal here.

    The last 2 picks were:

    Fish: Matt Gatens
    Nick: Julian Welch


  3. Keith Says:

    Watford did indeed linger too long – and Oladipo likely was off the board way too early. Basabe, however, will be my “mistake eraser”….


    • Tony Says:

      Yeah, Watford does many things that would help in this format. Victor is more of a shutdown defender and 11-13 points a game guy.


  4. spartyjohn Says:

    Who picked Austin Thornton ?



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