Is Bo Pelini Leaving Nebraska?

December 28, 2011

Neb Football

Is Bo Pelini going anywhere? (AP Photo)

Judging by Tweets and repeated stories in Nebraska media, fans and journalists sure seem to think it’s possible Cornhuskers coach Bo Pelini could be looking for a new job (perhaps at Penn State).

Pelini does move a lot:

  • 1991: Iowa, graduate assistant
  • 1993: Cardinal Mooney High School, quarterbacks coach
  • 1994-96: San Francisco 49ers, defensive backs coach
  • 1997-99: New England Patriots, linebackers coach
  • 2000-02: Green Bay Packers, linebackers coach
  • 2003: Nebraska, defensive coordinator
  • 2004: Oklahoma, co-defensive coordinator
  • 2005-07: LSU, defensive coordinator
  • 2008-present: Nebraska, head coach

Nice resume. So is it time to go?

Steven M. Sipple of the Journal Star doesn’t seem to think so:

Bottom line, when it comes to coaches as talented as Pelini, enjoy the moment and try not to think too far ahead — unless you’re an NU administrator who gets paid to keep him around.

“(Job) situations come up, and maybe you look at them — whatever,” Pelini told me after Tuesday’s bowl practice. “Honestly, I just try to do the best job I’m doing at the time I’m doing it.”

Let’s be clear: He’s not actively looking for the proverbial “next big job,” he said. Do you believe him?

He’s awfully convincing.

“When you’re at a place like this (Nebraska), you don’t have to look for the next job,” he said.

What is a better job than Nebraska?

Pelini has NFL roots. There are three to six of those jobs every year, but we have no idea if he would be interested in toiling in the pros.

In college, there are a handful of SEC jobs better than Lincoln. Oklahoma. USC. Ohio State. Michigan. Notre Dame. Not Penn State – at least not right now.

None of those “better jobs” are open.


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