Bob Stoops Remembers His Big Ten Roots

December 25, 2011

Iowa Football

Bob Stoops was No. 41 for the Hawkeyes

As Iowa prepares to play Oklahoma in the Insight Bowl, the Des Moines Register caught up with Sooners coach – and former Hawkeye – Bob Stoops.

You get insights such as this:

Question: Where did you live in Iowa City?

“For my five years, I lived in Hillcrest dormitory. At that time, we all stayed on campus, which was great. It was like we had our own fraternity in one wing of Hillcrest.

“After that as a graduate assistant, I bummed around with buddies at all kinds of places, but nothing too fancy.”

OK, that wasn’t all that interesting. How about his memories of Hayden Fry?

Q: And speaking of the legendary former coach …

“Hayden had it going on back when nobody did, with the white pants and always wearing the sun glasses. All of us loved the guy. He absolutely brought an attitude and he brought the swagger to the program that everybody picked up on.”

But here’s the best one:

Q: The story is that your father was buried in that jersey. Fact or fiction?

“He was wearing a suit. We folded the jersey and set it in the casket next to my dad. I put my Big Ten championship ring in with it.”

That’s nice.


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