Purdue Head Football Coach Danny Hope Receives Extension

December 23, 2011

Purdue Football

Danny Hope just got some extra job security with a shiny contract extension.

Today, Purdue University gave Head Football Coach Danny Hope a two year extension, taking him through the end of the 2016 season.  He had three years left on his previous contract, but this new deal gives him five years of guaranteed money.

It is unclear if Hope will also receive a raise along with the extension.  As it stands right now, his base salary is $233,118.  However, he gets a few bonuses tacked onto that figure.  He banked approximately $17,000 for taking Purdue to a bowl game this season, and also received a $275,000 supplemental stipend.  Attendance continues to be a problem for the Boilermakers, and Hope’s salary suffered as a result; he failed to reach a very valuable attendance based bonus.  Had Purdue exceeded 55,000 fans per home game, he’d have earned $25 average per attendee, or approximately $1.4 million.  Instead, he received $14 per attendee, which works out to a measly $633,140.  When all is said and done, Hope will likely earn over $1.2 million for this season.

In a press release, Purdue Athletic Director Morgan Burke had this to say:

Returning to postseason play is something we thought would happen last year, but the unbelievable and unprecedented number of injuries set us back.  The 2011 team fought its way back to the bowl scene by winning two of its final three games, including a victory over Indiana to return the Old Oaken Bucket to Purdue.

Danny has control of the outcome on the field, but Barb Kapp, Nancy Cross, Tom Schott, Chris Peludat, Matt Rector, Derick Stoulil and I are looking at how we can bolster the fan experience leading up to game day, how we can enhance the use of our ticketing technology to make it easier for all of our fans who have different needs and wants,” Burke said. “These efforts will have a focus on taking customer service to new levels and to employing a sales force that will allow us to reach out to all our fans and to ensure our offerings meet their needs.

We also will continue to have a specific focus on our students. We were pleased with the first year of the Ross-Ade Brigade. Next semester, a team of Purdue professionals, led by Chris Clopton, director of the Varsity P Club and a former Boilermaker football player, will be tapping into our student body to help us tailor a plan to better meet the needs of our undergraduate and graduate student population of 40,000.

In addition, we will build off the Boiler Bridge Walk to deepen ties with the Lafayette-West Lafayette community to ensure the Boilermakers are the team of choice in this area. So there is lots of work for all of us and lots of opportunity to reinvigorate our fan base. Channeling all of our energy toward the pursuit of a championship is priority No. 1 for me, for Danny and our team and for all our fans. Some of that channeling has taken a special meaning this week as a $2 million commitment was received to support Purdue football, which we will detail in 2012.

Danny Hope added this in the release:

We still have ground to cover and lots of work to do in order to develop the type of physical team that performs consistently and can take on the best in the Big Ten Conference.  But the first step was to help these young men get back to playing a game in late December or early January.

I am especially happy for and proud of our seniors, who can say they helped restart the postseason tradition which is part of our recent heritage. The extra practices, in preparation for the bowl, have been invaluable to some of the younger players our fans have yet to see in action. To top it off, we get to play another game and have the opportunity to become bowl champions.

A $2 million commitment to the football program?  You had better put that money to good use, Mr. Burke.  The eyes of Boilermaker nation will be closely upon you for the next couple years, especially in light of this decision.  Hopefully, it was the right one.


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9 Comments on “Purdue Head Football Coach Danny Hope Receives Extension”

  1. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    So what’s your take on this extension Spencer? Are you pleased with the extension, indifferent, upset, or other? Just curious.

    Hope seems to be a good value, if nothing else. Where do Boiler fans think he can max out his teams?


  2. Spencer Says:

    Honestly, I feel like it’s kind of unnecessary at this point. He had three years remaining, and locking up a guy for five years that has never had a winning team seems a little suspect to me. That being said, I’m not quite to the point where I want to get the pitchforks out and run him out of town like a lot of other Purdue fans are like. I’m a believer in letting a coach run a program his way with his own recruits, and then go from there. I think his original contract (five years) would’ve been enough to do that. Adding two more…like I said, seems unnecessary.

    One guy I would like to see go is AD Morgan Burke. He almost lost Matt Painter to Mizzou this off season, and now he has signed a far less valuable (well in terms of wins and losses, not necessarily money) coach to an extension when he was reluctant to do so earlier with Painter.

    I think your point that Hope is a good value is an excellent one though. If Hope doesn’t get all his bonuses he’ll be the only B1G coach not to make $1 million.


  3. Spencer Says:

    As far as can he get a lot out of his players…I guess time will tell. We did improve – marginally – this season, and have a *decent* recruiting class coming in. I’d like to see a bigger bowl game in the next two seasons at the very least.


  4. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    Sounds like expectations on Hope for you are similar to mine with Kill at Minnesota (at least for the next 2-3 years). I agree with you that you have to give a coach time with his own recruits to really see what you have.

    Didn’t realize that Painter was nearly wooed away. That would have been a blow to to Purdue basketball for sure.


  5. Spencer Says:

    I guess it’s just frustrating because I don’t expect Purdue to be a perennial powerhouse, but I think we have potential to be better than 6-6 every year too.


  6. Tony Says:

    Likelihood he finishes the full five years?


  7. Spencer Says:

    I think the next two years are critical. After that, with our AD, who knows?



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